Our Vision

We believe that through sports, we can build stronger youth, stronger families and stronger communities.  Specifically, teamwork and good sportsmanship are life-long skills that our youth will develop.  Parent involvement is also  critical, as it will provide positive role-models for our youth, while cementing our belief that athletics enhances self-esteem and emotional development.  Thus our vision for this organization is to create teams and build friendships that last a lifetime.  We believe that having the same players, families and coaches year after year will give everyone involved a sense of consistency and stability. 

Our organizations motto is "Creating Teams and Building Friendships" and we strongly believe that through sports, we can build relationships that last a lifetime. The Durham Hurricanes is a highly competitive basketball club for boys and girls.  We aim to provide our kids with premier basketball training through camps, skills and drills clinics, open gym and both local and regional tournament play.  We believe focusing on fundamentals at a young age is paramount to having a successful basketball future. 

Our Mission Statement

The Durham Hurricanes is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide children ages 5 and up the opportunity to play sports in a competitive, support, and nurturing atmosphere.  It is our belief that participation in sports enhances every area of youth development. 

A 501-c3 Non-Profit Organization.  Tax Id provided upon Request.

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